A little conventional transcription services wisdom

Unless you've spent 2016 vacationing on Mars, you are probably aware that the United States presidential campaign, with all its associated political debate, is in full swing.

Transcription Services 2000 takes great pride in providing the highest quality transcription services to a broad spectrum of clients whose views on various issues span a diverse range of perspectives.  So the last thing we have any intention of doing is opining on any of these hot-button issues -- with one exception.

We leave it to others to make their positions heard relative to jobs, trade, TPP, NAFTA, globalization -- the list goes on. However, we do believe very strongly that providing the highest quality audio transcription services can only be achieved by transcription service providers who commit to using professional transcribers for whom English is their first language.  Transcription 2000 Services has made that commitment to each and every client for almost 20 years.

Our commitment to this policy is not based on any political posture. It is based on our belief that the English language as spoken in the United States is as varied, nuanced, regionally influenced, and constantly evolving as any language on the globe.  New words, terminology, and acronyms — don't even get us started on technology-speak — come into common usage almost daily.

Being able to discern and professionally transcribe the words of a rapidly speaking Oklahoma energy business executive, a financial banker from Georgia, or a computer chip manufacturer originally from Sri Lanka is a challenge for any professional transcription company and transcriptionist, let alone one who has never been immersed in America's wide-ranging linguistic culture.

So we'll leave the political debating to others. At Transcription 2000 Services, our valued business transcription clients have always voted for our superior U.S.-based digital transcription services by a landslide.