007 Transcription Service Secrets

Just out of curiosity, we recently conducted an informal survey of a few dozen clients, friends and colleagues who work in a variety of business disciplines. We asked them just one question:  Let's say you are about to hire a professional digital transcription services vendor to provide a perfect transcript of an important online digital event your organization is hosting. What do you consider the most important qualification or skill you want that professional transcriber to possess?

We were not really surprised when a majority of our respondents quickly replied that speedy transcription turnaround time would be at the top of their expectations list. (We admit to just a little bit of eye rolling.) A few other responses were also somewhat predictable – accuracy, good grammar and punctuation skills, etc., etc.  

We were happy, however, that at least a few of those we surveyed seem to have a more evolved understanding of the value of a truly first-class professional online transcriber in today's complex business world. "Someone who actually understands at least a little bit about my business so they're not bogged down trying to understand our lingo," said Ms. X, a pharma industry veteran. "I would never, ever contract with a digital transcription services provider without an ironclad promise that the transcript will be proofread word for word to the audio -- believe me, I've learned the hard way what the results can be when speed is the overriding criteria," stated Mr. Y, a busy energy market executive.

At A Transcription 2000 Services, we certainly understand the importance of making sure our professional transcription team members possess the basics, the technical skills and speed that go without saying in this highly competitive and evolving industry of online digital transcription. 

But that's only the beginning. What makes our team of professional transcribers different? What are their secret weapons?  It starts with deep industry experience, and ends with enormous personal pride in the quality of their product.  Just ask Ms. X and Mr. Y