Quality Transcription Service Not So Easy

Think recruiting and retaining a team of best-in-class online audio transcriptionists is easy?  We've heard so many times over the years, "There must be tons of good typists out there who would love to work from home, have some control over their schedule, and work in their sweatpants if they feel like it -- so what's the problem?  Why are you always out there looking?"

The "problem" is that the hiring criteria for Transcription 2000 Services is significantly higher than for many of our competitors.  And why is that, you ask?  Frankly, it all comes down to the old adage: Success begets success.

Over the past two decades, as our reputation as one of this country's premier transcription service providers has grown and flourished, we've attracted more and more client work that is increasingly complex and sophisticated. We could easily increase the size of our professional transcription team to accommodate the increased opportunities we see every day.

But, frankly, maintaining our hard-earned reputation is a huge priority for us, and we simply cannot and will not bring on professional transcribers whose overriding qualification is that they can type 100 words a minute. We see those resumes every week. Unfortunately, it generally becomes evident fairly quickly during the testing or trial process that the majority of these candidates do not meet our threshold for the level of quality we insist on providing our customers.

So that's why we're always "out there looking".  Because the professional transcribers who possess the skill set and attributes that cut the mustard at Transcription 2000 Services are few and far between.  Of course they have a good set of hands and ears.  But these transcriptionists also have outstanding comprehension; expert research skills, the ability to enhance readability of a transcript though thoughtful punctuation and paragraphing, and -- certainly not least -- tremendous pride in their work.

Of course it's not easy being the best in today's world of professional transcription services -- we just make it look that way.