Best-In-Class Transcription

We're now more than halfway through our second full year of being a Phoenix-based transcription services firm -- and we've enjoyed every minute of working in this dynamic, thriving business community.  

From time to time, though, we're asked how we are adjusting to the differences we've encountered in providing premier transcription services from Arizona following our move from California. Our answer is pretty straightforward: In today's digitally transformed world, there are virtually no differences at all.

At Transcription 2000 Services, we've made it a top priority to stay current with today's constantly changing and improving digital technology.  We've seen it all and we can handle it all. Having that confidence in our technical infrastructure allows our seasoned transcribers to focus on what's most important to our clients -- the content of the transcript.

We have complete confidence in assuring, in fact guaranteeing, that a European-based manufacturing company requiring an executive-level transcript of their online conference call receives exactly the same superior product, delivered in exactly the same timely and professional manner, as our financial services client down the road here in the Valley of the Sun who requests a transcript of its day-long customer event.  The same holds true for a client in Tampa, London, New York or Beijing.

And while we're on the subject of our ability to provide best-in-class transcription services to global as well as domestic and regional clients, we're also occasionally asked about the challenges of transcribing the words of speakers for whom English is not their first language. (And, for that matter, we understand that there are scores of difficult-to-penetrate dialects of English speaking people, both here in the USA and in the British Isles.) 


At T2K, our seasoned transcribers have years of experience transcribing the remarks of people from around the world speaking what is often highly accented English. Transcriber Sue hasn't transcribed the remarks of just one Indian CEO; she's transcribed a dozen. Pat has transcribed scores of British/Irish/Scottish executives over the last decade or so.  And Jim has lost track of how many Asian-based transcripts he has under his belt.

Yes, many of these assignments are challenging indeed.  But, once again, we at Transcription 2000 understand that as globalization continues to transform business and commerce, we need to be able to provide the services of expert transcriptionists whose skill sets involve far more than flying fingers.  It's what our clients expect, what we deliver, and how we've built and burnished our reputation as one of the USA's most respected transcription service providers.

So, yes, we are very proud to continue to see our Phoenix-based business flourish. But, thanks to today's remarkable business and technology advances, we also relish being able to provide "world class" transcription services virtually around the globe on a daily basis.   

As the world's new Nobel Prize for Literature winner once put it, "The times, they are a changin'." And, Mr. Dylan, at Transcription 2000 Services we couldn't agree more.