Transcription at Donald Duck Speed

Since the founding of A Transcription 2000 Services almost two decades ago, we've been proud to assemble a team of experienced, uniquely qualified professional transcriptionists whose loyalty to T2K is rivaled only by the genuine pride they take in the quality of each professional transcript they create. And we are confident in saying that, to a person, each seasoned transcriber on our team will tell you that the reason our clients can always count on them to produce a superior product is that they never, ever, ever fail to proofread their transcript. Line by line. Word for word. Comma by comma. To the audio.

 We truly believe our ace professional transcriptionists rank among the very finest in this country's demanding transcription services industry. They are skilled; they are smart; they are resourceful; they are focused. They are also human; ergo, they occasionally make mistakes -- sometimes minor ones, sometimes doozies.  In addition to the errors caused by simple human foibles, when we add in factors such as poor audio, accented speakers, technical terminology, etc., the odds that the most skilled and experienced transcriptionist can provide even a 98% error-free transcript on their first pass are virtually nil.

Certainly the potential consequences of a word being transcribed incorrectly are pretty obvious. Less obvious are the sometimes enormous differences that a missing word, a change of tense, or an incorrectly inserted or omitted comma can make in a transcript. Sometimes these errors are embarrassing, sometimes worse.

At Transcription 2000 Services we've honed our interviewing and screening processes over the years so as to be able to recognize and weed out the transcriptionist candidates who believe proofing is simply a careful re-reading of what they have just typed, or that proofing to an audio that's been sped up to Donald Duck speed will help to move things along. (Seriously?)

And, sadly, over the years we've had to end our relationship with a few transcribers who over time became a bit complacent -- or perhaps overconfident -- about this critical part of what we do. 

Achilles certainly had his area of weakness.  At T2K we know that anything less than a 100% commitment to rigorous proofing could trip us up -- and we will never let that happen. Our clients count on that.