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Business, financial, legal, media transcription

Those four simple words define what Transcription 2000 Services is all about. Whether your transcription service need is large or small... whether it's due by end of day or end of week... whether you need email delivery or secure web retrieval... we'll make it happen. You can count on it - 'round the clock, 'round the calendar. 

What type of transcription services do you need? We can handle it all. Transcription services for general business, financial, legal, media and entertainment companies. 

We provide professional transcription service utilizing seasoned transcriptionists, court reporters, voice writers.

Let's work together with the format of your choice! 

Audio Formats: We transcribe online and offline audio formats.

Webcasts, Teleseminars, Conference Calls: We transcribe your past or upcoming meetings and seminars via webcasts or conference calls - on an as-needed basis or through contract; online transcription service that will guarantee your large volume requirements. 

We offer outstanding transcription expertise in the following: 
Conference Calls, Corporate Seminars, Educational Forums, Focus Groups, General Events, Interviews, Meetings, Panel Discussions, Teleconferences, Webcasts... And More!

Setting up an account is easy. 
Contact us to set up your account.  Send your transcription service information in the way that's most convenient for you. 

  • Mail us your audio files for transcription. 
  • Upload your digital audio files for transcription to us utilizing our secure online link. 
  • Provide us with your conference call dial-in number and passcode. 
  • Send us a link to your online webcast live or pre-recorded.       


  • Your completed transcript will be returned to you electronically with delivery schedules to meet every deadline.
  • 6 hours, overnight or 3-to-5 business days.
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Fast, accurate, secure online transcription services with guaranteed accountability and efficiency.

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  1. EXPERIENCE: Typing audio-to-text since 1998.
  2. PROFESSIONAL U.S. BASED STAFF:  Guarantees transcription quality.
  3. SPEED: We maintain the transcription service workforce to process volume to meet your deadline.
  4. SPECIALIZATION: We provide experienced transcriptionists in all business sectors.
  5. ACCURACY: We take pride in what we do and we get it done right - the first time. 

As always, transcripts are great. Thanks!
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Reliable, accurate service. Appreciate your help.
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