Verbatim Cleaned Up

Perfection, like beauty, may be in the eye of the beholder, but in the world of digital transcription a Perfect 10 may be viewed as a flop.  How so?  It's all about expectations.

A corporate CEO responding to a question from the audience during an investor meeting might actually say:

"So, uh -- but we -- so, let's look at it from the -- from our customer's perspective.   Mostly they -- most of the time they, they've got kinda two options." 

Less than elegantly stated, perhaps, but in real life it's the way most of us speak.  Most professional organizations or publicly traded companies would be disappointed to have the speaker's actual uttered words transcribed 100% verbatim in a transcript of the investor event.  They would expect a professional transcriptionist from a transcription service company to have the experience and expertise needed to apply judicious, minimal editing to "clean up" the transcript in order to make it easier to read, without changing the speaker's intended meaning. A seasoned transcriber, understanding the client's expectations, would probably type:

"So, let's look at it from our customer's perspective. Most of the time they've got two options."

Simple, huh?  Not really.  Let's just change the setting.  This time the CEO, using the very same words, is testifying before a government agency regarding some potential litigation.  Does the same "clean-up" option apply?  Absolutely not; these circumstances would almost always call for a totally verbatim transcription.

Unlike some other online digital transcription providers, at Transcription 2000 we never "assume" we know our clients' expectations.  We ask.  And then we communicate those expectations to our transcriptionist.  That way everyone's happy.  Very happy.  You might even call it Perfect 10 happy.