Beverly Hills Moves Into Scottsdale Arizona

With a great deal of pride and excitement, Transcription 2000 Services this week announced the relocation of its corporate operations to Scottsdale, Arizona. 

We say with "pride" because we accomplished this move, with all its technical and logistical considerations, without missing a beat!  Through each and every day of the transition, our team of ace transcription service transcribers continued to produce and deliver timely, accurate transcripts and kept our clients smiling. Additional kudos go out to our support team for all of their invaluable help with this daunting project.

The fact that we were able to accomplish this relocation in such a seamless and invisible fashion is yet another example of how the world of online digital transcription service and other online transcription services is changing the way the world does business.  Our industry grows and changes almost daily and we love the challenge of remaining at the forefront.

Our CEO Rita Bartlett Hooper looks back at Transcription 2000's founding and years of growth in California with tremendous satisfaction. But, as noted in the press release, she says, "We are delighted to be joining the thriving Scottsdale business community and are thrilled about this exciting new chapter of our Company's continued growth."

Please take a look at our press release for more details.