Transcription 2000's Most Critical Asset

The best digital transcription providers know that speed (a/k/a turnaround time) is an important tool in their tool box.  However, some providers make the mistake of believing it is their most critical asset. We beg to differ -- and our clients agree.

Certainly a hunt-and-peck typist will never cut the mustard in the deadline-sensitive world of professional online transcription. However, even though in many environments rapid turnaround is crucial, it's also true that unrealistic or overly ambitious turnaround times can increase the potential of ending up with a transcript of lesser quality.

Settings and circumstances can significantly impact even the speediest, most seasoned professional transcriber's ability to quickly -- and accurately -- move through an assignment. 

Does the scenario involve a single corporate officer reading crisply from a script, or is it a roundtable discussion where careful discernment of multiple voices is required? Are there participants whose speaking is highly accented?  Is the subject matter technical or industry-specific, so as to require the transcriber to spend time researching proper names or industry lingo?  Do audio issues (background conversations, HVAC noises, poorly placed microphones, etc.) impact the quality of what the transcriber is hearing?

All these factors and others can impact the time it takes to provide a transcript of the quality that has earned Transcription 2000 the enviable reputation we have today.  We collaborate closely with our clients to come up with the right blend of "quick and quality" that meets -- and often exceeds -- their expectations.

You bet we're fast, but never at the expense of a client's best interests -- or our reputation.