Cheap Transcription Costs More

A dollar saved is a dollar earned, or so the saying goes.  Unfortunately, before joining forces with Transcription 2000 Services, some of our clients learned the hard way that sometimes a dollar saved can end up being a dollar spent twice -- or worse. 

We're talking about the potential risks associated with offshore online transcription services.  In ever increasing numbers, American companies are utilizing transcription service providers with an eye to increasing efficiency and productivity, and decreasing overhead costs.  Today's options range from one-person shops to large corporate entities, including those whose transcription services are performed by transcribers for whom English is not their first language. 

The advantage to doing this is obvious:  It's cheaper, sometimes significantly so.  Offshore workers are almost invariably paid far lower wages than their U.S. counterparts. Thus, dollars saved.

Often, however, that's where the good news seems to end.  The English language spoken in the United States is as varied, nuanced, regionally influenced, and constantly evolving as any language on the globe.  In both the corporate world and the "real" world, new phrases and terminology come into common usage almost daily.  Being able to discern the words of a rapidly speaking Louisiana oil executive, a New England cop, or a visiting professor from Mumbai is a challenge for any professional transcriptionist, let alone one who has never been immersed in America's wide-ranging culture.

We could serve up any number of funny/sad/scary anecdotes about some of the unfortunate outcomes of non-US-based transcription efforts, but that's not our intention.  The point we want to make is:  Being the cheapest doesn't make you the best.  Being the best makes you the best.

At T2K, we understand the value of getting transcription service right.  As it turns out, our clients do, too.