Sleepless In Transcription

Recently Transcription 2000 Service's founder was asked what keeps her up at night regarding maintaining the quality and accuracy standards that have earned her company its best-in-class reputation in the digital transcription industry for so many years.  She didn't even have to pause for thought: "Complacency about proofreading."

She went on to say, "Sadly, over the years I've seen any number of really first-class, professional transcriptionists who, over time, began deluding themselves that, in light of their years of experience and the positive feedback they'd received, they could allow themselves to ease up on the required word-for-word proofing against audio that is expected at T2K.  And, without exception, this overconfidence always, always results in transcripts of lesser quality. It's something we always have to be vigilant about."

The best transcriptionists on the planet are still mortal beings who are transcribing often complex material at rapid speed, frequently dealing with audio quality, poor speakers, and other interfering issues.  In doing so, in transcription service even the most experienced pro's initial draft of a transcript will contain multiple errors.  

While it's true that running a spell-check and doing a quick read-through will catch most of the blatant mistakes, it is also true that this approach will miss many potentially crucial errors, whether it be an incorrectly typed number or a sentence that reads just fine but is missing an important word.

The most valued transcribers in our industry are meticulous about detail and take great pride in their work. They also understand that proofing to the audio is their most critical quality control tool. 

And at T2K, they help her get a good night's sleep.