Expert Legal Transcription Services

Accuracy is absolutely essential when presenting any document in a court of law. In fact, court documents containing inaccuracies can be thrown out. This can cause lengthy delays in a case or even result in a miscarriage of justice. That is just one of the reasons why so many attorneys and legal professionals have made us their go-to choice for accurate legal transcription services. We create transcripts for hearings, depositions, city council meetings, and more. We know that the quality of our work allows you to put your best foot forward in court.

Fast, Expert Transcription Done by 100% U.S.-Based Transcriptionists

Our expert legal transcription service is a core business. All our transcripts are reviewed for accuracy as well as certified for court presentation. In addition, 100% of our professional transcriptionists are based in the United States. Legal transcriptions are completed by experienced individuals familiar with a variety of accents as well as nuances in the English language. Relying on our company for expert legal transcription work means your staff can focus on other tasks and responsibilities that contribute to your success in court.

Transcription Services for Law Enforcement Officials

Our company’s work goes beyond court transcription services. We complete work for police departments including law enforcement transcriptions of witness, victim, and suspect interviews along with police reports, police scene recordings, and more. Unlike other legal transcription companies, we understand the tremendous importance of consistent, accurate police transcription services, and we perform our work quickly so you can have the official transcripts when you need them.

100% Confidential Legal Transcription Services

In addition to providing quality legal transcription service, we keep all of your documents secure. We recognize the sensitive nature of legal documents and take steps to keep them confidential. Our transcriptionists complete every assignment with diligence and professionalism. Furthermore, we are bound by non-disclosure agreements.

We are proud to provide fast court transcription online as well as a variety of other quality legal transcription services.

Transcripts are great. Thank you very much.
— Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

Business Transcription Service

We provide premium business transcription services. Understanding your business is part of what makes our company the best choice.

Financial Transcription Service

Since 1998, our financial transcription services have covered commercial analysts, Wall Street quarterly earnings, investor relations, conference calls, and more.

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