Business Transcription Services 

Business transcription for general business

When you have a tape cassette, digital audio file such as a conference call, or an online audio format such as a webcast or teleseminar to transcribe into a Word document, you want it done accurately, you want it done conveniently, and you want it done now.  

Conference Calls, Corporate Seminars, General Events, Interviews, Meetings, Panel Discussions, Teleconferences, Webcasts... And More!

Our professional transcription service specializes in fast turnaround times with the highest quality and levels of accuracy. Utilizing our professional transcription services team, our expert U.S.-based transcriptionists have a trained ear to dissect audio and transcribe multiple voices in a variety of general business transcription service sectors - from oil & gas, technical, software, telecommunication, multi-national corporations, educational,  academic facilities, and governmental departments. 

Our business transcription service team understands tight deadlines like no one else. We can handle even the largest volumes in as little as 2-to-6 hours. And in many cases, we can format documents to your company's style requirements. 

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer a range of turnaround rates, based on your specific time constraints. And convenient delivery via email or secure Web retrieval lets you download your transcribed material anytime, at your convenience. 

When you need a transcript that is accurate and complete, call Transcription 2000 @ 866 203-8457 or get your FREE QUOTE