Financial Transcription Service

For financial transcribers, accuracy of the highest order is called upon; after all, even an error with a few cents can make a crucial difference to share prices, shareholders, and customers. 

Few transcription companies are up to the challenge of such exacting work. Transcription 2000 Services is the exception: we've provided error-free, high-quality transcription for Wall Street, commercial analyst information suppliers, and leading private analyst firms since 1998, including quarterly earnings reporting, annual meetings, interim results, business meetings, conference calls, and more. 

Our financial transcriptionists are passionate about accuracy and well versed in financial terminology -- from references like Sarbanes Oxley to Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. They possess a vast English vocabulary, a keen analytical brain, and the ability to comfortably interpret a wide range of accents. The result is totally accurate transcription.

When you need a transcript that is accurate and complete, call Transcription 2000 @ 866 203-8457 or get your FREE QUOTE