Premium Transcription Service Wins Apples

We've talked before in this blog about the dismay we have over the absurdly low and ultimately unsustainable billing rates being touted by some online transcription service vendors as they attempt to attract new audio transcription service customers.  The irony of course is that, while these bargain-basement rates will indeed attract some new business, more often than not the new relationships will be short lived because the online transcription service providers have not left enough room in their billing rates to hire the seasoned, quality transcription service experts who can produce the transcription quality expected by these new clients.

We've noticed that recently some of these supposedly bargain-rate transcription service firms are trying to work around this problem by taking a "one from column A, one from column B" type of approach.  Although they continue to tout these super-low audio transcription rates, now there seem to be a few asterisks added — additional charges for elevated levels of proofing, accelerated deliveries, industry specialization and other "extras."  And it doesn't take a degree in advanced mathematics to calculate how quickly those additional options can add up.  

At Transcription 2000 Services, we've maintained our transcription service rates since our inception at a level that is fair to both our valued customers and our valued transcription services team. And just in case you're wondering, all those "extras" are included in our quoted online transcription service rates, just as they have been for over two decades. 

As a premier audio transcription service provider, we understand that after you see through all the smoke and mirrors, what it ultimately comes down to is actually pretty basic. No transcription services provider can deliver consistent, first-rate professional transcripts to today's sophisticated business and industry leaders by using a constant revolving-door workforce of unseasoned "typists" working for sub-minimum wages. It's that simple. As we've said before: Do the math.

So, our suggestion to potential clients?  Make sure you're comparing apples to apples when researching quality transcription service firms.  Then contact us for a straightforward quote for the highest level of quality transcription services provided by a team of professional transcriptionists — without one bad apple in the bunch.