Transcription 2000's Secret Sauce

As we've noted in prior blog posts, one of the reasons Transcription 2000 has been able to maintain its best-in-class reputation in the world of online digital transcription services for almost two decades is the loyalty of our team of transcribers, many of whom have been with us almost since inception. This continuity and "stickiness" benefit our clients tremendously.

We recently asked our leader, "So, what's the secret sauce to your being able to attract and retain the organization of professionals you've assembled here at T2K?"  After thinking a few moments she replied, "Well, I know each team member's motivations for remaining with us are personal to them, but I think it would be safe to say there are at least two overriding reasons people stay with us so long." We found her perspectives interesting and will try to summarize them here.

The first reason is probably the most obvious: Call it the "ka-ching, ka-ching" factor. Our transcription service transcribers are seasoned professionals and they know their worth.  They've researched the industry and understand that, although our standards are rigorously high, we pay our people very competitively with the rest of the industry. As Rita noted, "It would be pretty disingenuous not to recognize that the very practical matter of compensation is an important factor in their thinking."

She went on to say, "We'll continue to turn down work when necessary, rather than expect our professionals to be paid at a rate that can sometimes work out to be minimum wage, or even less.  Our people are not just 'typists.'  They're professional transcribers and there's a big, big difference."

The second reason is probably less obvious. Some people apparently still have the misconception that the appeal of online transcription services as a career lies in being able to work from home, presumably in sweats or jammies, with little pressure, easy work, no stress.

Not only is that perception laughable to anyone who's actually worked in the field (except maybe for the sweats and jammies part) but, in fact, the demands of the work required by Transcription 2000 Service's outstanding client list is another very important reason why our transcription team stays in place. Simply put:  Our transcription professionals thrive on challenge.  As one of our colleagues says, "Who needs crossword puzzles or Sudoku to keep my brain in good shape when I've got to track down the name of an obscure Chinese town or a new Silicon Valley term in about 13 seconds because I'm closing in on deadline? Most of my transcription assignments have at least two or three 'fist-pump' moments -- I love it!"

So, maybe this whole issue of retention comes down to respect, the respect that Transcription 2000 Services has for the transcription professional skills and work ethic of our transcription team members, and the respect and pride the team members have in themselves and their work.  Sounds like a good match -- not to mention a great sauce!