Sounds Like A Good Idea

The timeworn adage, "Something is better than nothing" actually holds true within a certain aspect of online transcription services.  It relates to the issue of "inaudibles" versus "phonetics."

Even the most experienced transcriptionist will occasionally hit a brick wall over a particular word or phrase, due to any number of factors -- audio quality, a highly accented speaker, or just not being able to come up with the magic words to Google.  

This is when the transcriber will often opt to use a phonetic spelling, realizing that the ultimate audience for the transcript will usually be an informed reader, for whom a "sounds like" hint may well be the key to unlocking meaning. A Wall Street analyst, for example, would know in a heartbeat that, given the context, a bracketed "effects" surely was intended as "FX."

Fortunately, since its inception Transcription 2000 has attracted -- and, more importantly, retained -- a team of expert transcribers who, over a period of years, have been exposed time and again to an extensive array of industries, each with its own terminology, acronyms, often very technical and/or esoteric.  As a team member who often works on energy and banking industry assignments recently said, "I may not know what 'EBITDAX' or 'PIK payments' are exactly, but I recognize them when I hear them."

One of the things our clients tell us is that they appreciate the longevity and professionalism of our team of transcribers.  They quickly connect the dots between the tenure and experience of our team and the quality of the transcripts they consistently receive.  

They also understand that, yes, sometimes something is better than nothing -- but they also know that nothing better meets their transcription needs better than T2K.