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  • EXPERIENCE: Since 1998 - 18 years of premium excellence.
  • PROFESSIONAL: Executive level transcription services for all business sectors. 
  • U.S. BASED STAFF: Our transcription services team is totally based in the United States.
  • ACCURACY: Our unique proven formula guarantees transcription quality.
  • FLEXIBILITY: We've seen it all when it comes to audio formats, bring it on.
  • SPEED: We maintain the transcription service workforce to process volume to meet every deadline.
  • SPECIALIZATION: We provide specialized transcriptionists in key fields.
  • INNOVATION: We offer transcription services, timecode, time-stamping. 
  • AFFORDABILITY: We take pride in what we do and we get it done right - the first time. 
  • ACCESSIBILITY: We're available around the clock. 

Our clients include:

  • Federal and Superior Court Systems
  • Stock Market Analysts
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • General Business
  • Even a Presidential Library

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Audio to text transcription service for business and legal transcription clients. 

Just about any online transcription service can promise to meet your most demanding deadline requirements. But increasingly, you need an online transcription company that is redefining what digital transcription service is all about - with letter-perfect accuracy, industry-specific comprehension, innovative technology and a fierce dedication to quality.  So before you choose a company, ask yourself:

  1. Does the transcription services company provide seasoned professionals who truly understand your industry's terminology - whether it's legal, financial, technical, media, or government-oriented audio?
  2. Are they an established national transcription company with a proven history of transcribing audio for the federal and superior court systems, stock market analysts, Fortune 500 companies, general business, even a presidential library?

  3. Are they totally dedicated to transcription services quality assurance with 100% American-based transcriptionists who can interpret the intricacies and grammar nuances of the English language and don't send your confidential transcription work projects overseas to other online transcription services?

  4. Can they come through for you when you need three-day seminar presentations, board meetings, conferences, or a legal deposition transcribed quickly?

Transcription 2000 Services passes with shining colors for your online transcription service choice for digital audio, taped audio, online audio. We offer a dedication to transcription services quality and speed, the ability to handle your digital audio files, and unparalleled customer service for transcription.


For the discerning client, we're your #1 choice for fast, accurate, secure online transcription with guaranteed accountability and efficiency. Let us prove it to you with a no-obligation quote.  

As always, transcripts are great. Thanks!
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