Typing vs Transcription - confuse them at your own peril!

At Transcription 2000 Services, we are always interested in adding to our team of skilled professional transcribers. In fact, there have been occasions over the years during peak busy periods where we have had to turn down new work rather than chance risking our hard-earned reputation by either missing a deadline or providing less than transcripts of the highest quality coupled with outstanding service. The hard part of this ongoing process, of course, is finding the best people.

We receive and review many inquiries and applications from potential candidates over the course of a year, and over time we've come to spot a few red flags that give us pause right off the bat.

First, last and always: A typo or two in the applicant's first letter or communication with T2K. Seriously?

Another attention getter: When an applicant leads off by touting typing speed as their most impressive credential, a little "ding" goes off.  When the transcriber continues along the lines of, "I can transcribe an hour of audio in three hours or less," the little "ding" morphs into something more like an air-raid siren. 

That applicant has just told us more than they perhaps intended.  Our years of experience in working with the highest level of professional transcribers leads us pretty quickly to a couple of potential assumptions. One, the person's past transcription experience may have been in a "see-Spot-run" environment, i.e., a single non-accented speaker speaking crisply in a perfect audio environment about simple, nontechnical subject matters; two, the candidate either doesn't proofread their transcript to the audio or didn't include that time (typically 75 to 90 minutes for a 60-minute audio) when citing their speed.

Let's face it. In today's world everyone types, and lots of us type fast. But sparks flying off keyboards is no guarantee of a premier transcription service provider. Rather, quick thinking, excellent comprehension, laser-like concentration, sensitivity to context and the ability to remain calm under fire are all qualities that our team of seasoned professional transcribers share.  It's what sets Transcription 2000 Services apart from the Wile E Coyotes and Roadrunner types in our profession.

So if the word "challenge" lights up your eyes and if the qualities we referenced above seem to be describing you, we'd love to hear from you. But no typos, please.