Transcription Made In America

Since its founding in 1998 as one of the USA's first online transcription service providers, A Transcription Services 2000, Inc. has not only maintained, but significantly grown, its reputation for providing superior quality transcripts -- timely, efficiently, and consistently -- to its impressive client roster. The hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, Wall Street firms, governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations and others on our client list understand that T2K continues to be the gold standard for quality and value in this industry.

Since our founding as a pioneer provider of digital transcription services in the USA, we've watched the industry grow rapidly and significantly -- "explode" might be a better way to describe it. Unfortunately, as often happens during periods of rapid expansion, some of this growth has been at the expense of quality. 

An alarming number of digital transcription providers have "relaxed" their quality standards in order to trumpet rock-bottom prices for their services. In order to do this, some of these vendors use workers from other countries -- for whom English is not their first language -- to provide these services. This has never been, nor will it ever be, a tactic employed by Transcription 2000.  Guaranteed. It's a New Year's Resolution we've renewed every year since 1998 and 2017 will be no exception. 

Let us be clear -- this commitment is not in any way a political statement or point of view that we're putting forward, far from it. We leave it to others to debate and resolve the many complex issues related to onshore/offshore jobs, trade, globalization and the like. 

However, we do strongly believe that providing superior transcription services in this country requires a skilled professional transcription team, who live and work in the USA, who not only can pass basic English 101, but who also have the ability to work comfortably and quickly within the complexity of our constantly evolving "American" English, with all its nuances, dialects, jargon and terminology. 

Certainly it's true that we are very proud to be able to guarantee that 100% of our work product is "Made in America" and that we're contributing in our own relatively modest way to providing jobs to American workers. However, the overriding factor in our decision to stand by this quality standard is purely an objective business decision.  

Our clients look to Transcription 2000 Services for many things -- timeliness, efficiency, value, responsiveness -- but nothing is more important to them than the accuracy and readability of a transcript. We firmly believe that our policy of a 100% U.S.-based transcription team is the number one tool in our toolkit to ensure our clients continue to receive the quality transcripts they expect from T2K, today and in the future.

We wish all our clients and colleagues health, peace and prosperity in the coming year -- and good luck with those New Year's resolutions!