Legal Transcription Service

It's a fact: if legal documents to be used in court are not painstakingly accurate, they can be thrown out. That's just one of the reasons legal professionals have relied upon Transcription 2000 Services for all their pre-recorded hearings, depositions, city council meetings, and more. 

Legal transcriptions are our core business and each of our transcripts are carefully reviewed for absolute accuracy and then legally certified for court presentation. The result is your highly trained staff concentrates its efforts on far more crucial duties and responsibilities, giving you the winning edge. 

And if you're in law enforcement, we provide transcription for witness/victim/suspect interviews, police reports, police scene recordings and more. 

All of our transcriptionists fully understand the confidential nature of legal cases. As a result, they are only involved in a need-to-know basis and are bound by non-disclosure agreements. 

When you need a transcript that is accurate and complete, call Transcription 2000 @ 866 203-8457 or get your FREE QUOTE.